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 The Westmoreland Community is bounded generally by Northern Boulevard on the south; Little Neck Parkway on the west; the Long Island Railroad and 39th Road on the north; and Nassau Road on the east.  There are about 330 residences in the community; more than 70 of those are entirely or partially in Nassau; the rest are entirely or partially in Queens. 

 The map shows the numbers (in circles) assigned to each of the blocks in the original Rickert-Finlay development; several of the Covenants refer to these block numbers.  The diagonal double line near the top of the map is the border between Nassau (to the east, or top of the map) and Queens County (to the west, or bottom of the map). 

   Portions of two blocks within the community are not subject to our protective Covenants.  These blocks are shown on the map with cross-hatching.  The residents in these blocks are our neighbors, and share many concerns with others in the community.  We encourage them to attend our meetings and be active in the organization.

   The map also shows the blocks, or portions of blocks, identified in Covenant #2 as the "business district."  Businesses can be operated in those places -- if also permitted by zoning rules -- but not in the rest of the community.

   The aerial photo below shows the Westmoreland community, outlined in red, in relation to adjacent neighborhoods and landmarks.

Aerial Map.jpg

2018 aerial photo from 

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